Our Biker Wear

Missing Link Biker Wear

Missing Link offers a variety of motorcycle riding apparel primarily focusing on increasing the visibility of motorcycle riders to other motorists, improving rider comfort and protecting motorcycle riders from the elements.

Check out our unique biker vests including the G2 D.O.C. Reversible Safety Vest. This vest features traditional black "biker" leather on one side and can be reversed to show Hi-Viz heavy duty nylon with lots of reflective elements to improve your visibility to other motorists. It's the perfect vest if you are leading a group ride, are encountering low light or poor weather conditions or riding at night. The G2 Vest features a hidden zipper at the bottom of each panel that allows you to easily attach pin's and club patches to either side of the garment without sewing through to the reverse side. Also included are two conceal carry pockets, buffalo nickel head snaps that can accommodate Harley Davidson branded vest extenders and lace up sides for a custom fit.

If you are looking for added protection or plan on riding in cold weather conditions, we also offer matching Leather Reversible Hook Chaps to go with the G2 Vest. Like our vests, our hook chaps feature traditional black leather on one side and can be reversed out to Hi-Viz nylon with super bright reflective striping. Unlike traditional chaps, our chaps are designed to fit your legs, not your belly. They simply hook onto our belt and are a heck of a lot easier to put on than most other chaps. They also allow you easy access to your front pockets, can be adjusted for length without cutting and you can store them separately in your luggage and balance your load better on long road-trips.

One of our most unique and popular products is our ArmPro Compression Sleeves. Our sleeves are designed to protect you from sunburn and harmful UV rays, keep you cool on hot days and they provide about 12 pounds of muscle compression in order to fight muscle fatigue on longer rides. ArmPro Sleeves are made from a hi-tech moisture wicking fabric that absorbs moisture from your skin and traps it in the layers of the fabric. When you create air-flow when riding, the air makes contact with the moisture in the fabric just before it reaches your skin cooling the air and making you much more comfortable. It's the same principle as the evaporation coolers found on the roofs of many homes across the country. ArmPro Compression Sleeves are available in over 30 stunning tattoo designs and solid colors. Once you try them, you will love them.