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Missing Link Sport Wear

A little known fact about Missing Link is that one of our founders is Alann Boatright. Alann was a founding partner in Primal Wear cycling apparel and was the Art Director and principle artist at the company from its inception through 2008. Every time Missing Link attends a motorcycle event we get hundreds of people buying our products for sports activities. These sports activities include adventure racing, triathletes, road cycling, mountain biking, running, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, golf, tennis, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis and more....

Our ArmPro Compression Sleeves are perfect for a variety of both indoor and outdoor sports. They provide about 12 pounds of compression to help fight muscle fatigue and support to help maintain proper form during sports. Our sleeves are made from a hi-tech moisture wicking fabric and because they maintain constant contact with your skin, the fabric absorbs moisture as you perspire. That moisture gets trapped in the layers of the fabric and when airflow moves through the fabric it hits the moisture first, cools and then hits your skin. This creates a unique cooling effect much like an evaporation cooler (swamp cooler) you find on many homes. Best of all they are SPF 50, so they will effectively protect you from getting sunburn and from skin damage caused by harmful UV rays. Now you can stay cool and comfortable during your sports activities without having to slather all that sticky that is often laced with aluminum.