About The Brand

Missing Link was born out of necessity. There was leather out there, and there was cotton, but there was nothing in between. We at Missing Link felt that cotton was just not good enough when there are High Performance fabrics that work for you. They keep you dry by wicking moisture, they keep you cool when its hot and warm when its cool. High Performance fabrics when properly printed, never fade, chip, or peel. They last forever and a day. Try on a pair of our ArmPro compression sleeves and go for a ride. Wet them down when the weather gets too hot and see if you don't experience the coolest thing since the invention of the electric fridge.

And then there's leather... Leather is great, it's durable, long lasting, and it looks better the older it gets. But many of today's riders let the "looking cool" factor keep them from being safe when darkness comes calling. And that brings up the safety issue. The mesh vests that people default to when they want to be safe quite simply are not good enough. They flap, they ride up on you, and they fit worse and worse as you ride until you finally do look like the doofus that you thought you'd look like when you wear a cheap fluorescent safety vest. While nobody wants to necessarily wear an expensive, hot, High Viz jacket every time they ride, there are times when wearing fluorescent and reflective clothing is necessary to SAVE YOUR LIFE! Like in the dark... or when its raining... and when Tiffany comes driving along in daddy's SUV, unwrapping that taco while texting Jade about her date results for the evening.

When all these planets align, wouldn't it be great if you could slip off your heavily patched and pinned Distressed Leather Vest and turn it around to a High Viz, Fluorescent Cordura Nylon vest (trimmed out nicely with bright reflective tape) and avoid being smashed like a bug? It wasn't until after a third dear friend died at the hands of a distracted driver, that we decided to do something about it. Shortly after Doc's funeral, while on a remembrance ride, we conceived and later invented the D.O.C. Reversible Safety Vest in his honor. The acronym "D.O.C." stands for "Don't Overlook Cyclists". It is so unique we applied for a patent on the design.

We will do our best to keep bringing you products that are strangely missing from today's motorcycle apparel lines. Things that not only look good, but function great, make your ride safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. After all, riding is all about having fun, and who wants to arrive at their destination wet, hot, sweaty, or worst of all... by ambulance.

So look closely at the products we offer. Our intentions were to make clothing that makes your ride the best experience it can be. We are dedicated to that philosophy and we are open to your thoughts and ideas. We believe with your help... we can change the world.